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Commissions info

Here you'll find what you need to know about my commissions.


Commussions are closed now.


(right click on image -> open for full view)

Lineart - 15$
Flat colors - 18$
BW shadows - 26$

  • Bust +0$ Half bust +5$ Full body +8$
  • Traditional (only BW) +0$
  • +1 character +70% on base price  +2 characters +120%  +more characters we have to talk, sir


Full colored artwork - 120$*

  • Bust +0$ Half bust +20$ Full body +40$
  • Background +15 to 30$
  • Lineart +10$
  • Original Character +15$
  • +1 character +70% +2 characters +120% +more characters we have to talk, sir


*Prices can change a bit, based on difficulty.

 What I'll draw:

  • Games, comics, manga/anime, real characters
  • Male, female
  • Half naked, nudes
  • OCs, concepts
  • Traditional artworks (for simple stuff)

What I'll not draw: 

  •  Advanced backgrounds (not really good at it)
  • Naked men, furry, pony, pregnant, weird stuff

How it works:

  1. I accept only Paypal payments. I'll ask for payment usually after the preliminary sketch. When the commission worth more than 75$ you have to split the payment in after-sketch, half artwork.
  2. I usually update the customer, about the commission, each new consistent step. I prefer communicate via e-mail and ank everytime if the commission is going as planned or need some changes.
  3. The time working on it usually goes from few days to 1 month (or even more). When you ask me a commission, please provide an indicative deadline.
  4. I'll have rights for any commission, if it's not a commercial order. That means I can put them on my portfolio, sell prints and high definition images. I'll not do that for original characters.

Contact me via Deviant Art, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr (links up).

Thank you and hope to see ya again!